Homeschool Options in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Ideal for Homeschool Families

Agape Christian Academy (ACA) is ideal for homeschool families needing another option. The one-room schoolhouse flavor with small class sizes allows for personal attention as well as having classmates. For the homeschool parent, this option allows for the parent to work outside the home knowing their child is in a safe learning environment. Many homeschool parents find this option allows them to stay at home and focus on the younger preschool siblings while the school-aged children are at Agape Christian Academy.

Homeschool parents appreciate the professional curriculum used at ACA. Agape Christian Academy employs Abeka curriculum. Abeka’s original curriculum textbooks are researched and written by veteran educators, then tested in the real world. Timely. Thorough. Trustworthy.

Reliable studies for traditional best practices―validated by the consistent success of millions of students over decades―form the basis of Abeka textbooks, curriculums, and other materials. When your child learns with Abeka you can be sure that the teaching is based on biblical principles which address the nature of the learner and learning itself, the nature of truth and authority, and what is truly important to learn and remember.

Homeschool parents with a very active child have found the larger environment helpful to allow the child to expend energy. We find these children learn to regulate their energy without medication. ACA has a large "yard" and many other kids to play with during recess and lunchtimes. These two attributes are hard to facilitate for most homeschools.

Homeschoolers with multiple ages and grades at home find ACA's staff of multiple teachers enables their children to have more focused time on their studies. Homeschool parents find it hard to transition between students and grade levels and then pay attention to their preschool toddler. ACA presents an ideal option!

ACA is approachable for school parents. In fact, we often use parents as subsitutes and aides. This offers the parent a chance to teach or assist.

We invite you to look into enrolling your child(ren).