Mission Statement:

Our educational mission is to deliver a grace-filled traditional Christian education from a conservative-biblical worldview. Our expectation is a student who develops the fruit of the Spirit, finds God’s purpose for their life, and develops the skills and faith to live it out.

Philosophy of Education:

The bible and Christian education will shape the child’s character—not society nor the government. To this end, the Book of Beginnings (Genesis), the Book of Proverbs, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and the Book of James are the teaching pillars of our education.



We will focus on character, bible education, Saxon math, phonics for reading, bible reading and memorization, Christian creationism for science, traditional American and World History, citizenship, geography. We’ll use a packaged curriculum system such as Abeka. We won’t be seeking accreditation.

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Possession/Use Policy

  • No personal Cell phone/electronic device use at the school during school hours. (turn devices in while in class; devices used or visible will be confiscated and turned into the office; only parents may retrieve confiscated devices; smart watches may be worn but not used during class, etc.) (Parenting 911)

  • Statement of Biblical Parental Rights

    Parents are in charge of what their children learn.
    Parents have the right to choose who teaches their children.
    Parents have the right to discipline their children.
    Parents are the primary stewards and authority of their children. They have an inalienable right to know what their children are doing at all times. The school or church shall not conceal that from them.
    Parents shall not be told by the school or the church that they should obey bizarre and sinful unbiblical mandates.
    Parents are due honor and respect.
    Parents shall have primary authority over the health of their children.

    Stated Reasons for Existence

    We exist to further the church mission* of making disciples of Jesus who know how to read the Bible. We exist to put education first and do so in an environment free of activism and social agendas. We will use truthful and traditional Christian curriculum. We will support the classic parental rights. We exist to shape the student with biblical character. Our frame of reference in all things is a biblical worldview.