Curriculum & Fees

Abeka curriculum is our current core curriculum and will supplement as needed to give students the best support possible. ( We will integrate electives and specialties rounding out the educational experience. If you have a specialty to offer, contact us. Students and teachers will be onsite together. Onsite Video lessons from Abeka will be used to cover more territory in a timely fashion or where advanced or remedial work is needed. Abeka provides our school with staff and professional development.

We perform placement evaluations to determine student ability for optimum results. We place more emphasis on foundational skill mastery and less emphasis on grade levels. We have more of a 'one-room' schoolhouse flavor.

Teachers are given a background check prior to teaching or helping.

Tuition for fall 2022: $200/mo per student

Books & Materials: $350-$400/yr

We will focus on character, bible education, Abeka math, phonics for reading, bible reading and memorization, Christian creationism for science, traditional American and World History, citizenship, geography. We’ll use a packaged curriculum system such as Abeka. ** We won’t be seeking accreditation. **


Each day starts with Chapel, the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and Christian Flag. Children help setup and put away the classroom along with helping on the janitorial chores.

Tuition & Books