Private Christian Education

What Character is your Child’s School Producing?

This is a question that every parent should be interested in. Character is produced in large part by what is taught to us. Character is also significantly shaped by the environment and circumstances surrounding the child or young adult. You, the parent, are the authority on what gets injected into your child’s heart and mind. Exercise the authority. To this end, the school should support and assist the parent on this rather than exclude parents. We hire only teachers with a quality character. Bad character cannot teach good character. We think that’s a pretty simple equation!!

In-person learning with teachers. We operate with a one-room schoolhouse flavor. Students know and interact with each other regardless of age or grade level; much like a big family. Low student to teacher ratio allows students time to flourish and receive the attention they need.

Life Skills Training - Friday afternoons are dedicated to team building, martial arts, boxing, wildnerness skills for the Framers class. We have dads and men come in to work with the boys during lunch recess and Fridays.

Music & Art - we have a talented and experienced music teacher come in once a week.

Martial Arts - we take the kids to The Forge once a week for physical training, self-defense, jujitsu.


Distinctives of ACA
  • Prayer, bible reading in class
  • Daily Pledge to the Bible, Christian Flag, American Flag, Lord's Prayer
  • Character Development
  • Christian world-view taught
  • Parental rights respected
  • Behavioral Discipline applied and expected
  • One-room school character with small classes
  • No cell phones allowed for students during school hours
  • Vaccines not required, parents choice
  • No masks

Agape Christian Academy (ACA) is a trade name of AMAZING GRACE COLORADO as a religious ministry of the church. ACA is not organized as or regulated as a school under the State of Colorado regulations. Therefore, we are able to provide sound teaching without the mandates of public school education or secular accrediting agencies.